“What good does it do to stand outside
Planned Parenthood?”

“Why don’t you…
…pray in church?
…mind your own business?
…get a job?
…get a life? ”

These are questions we’re asked.

Let me tell you a story…

On a cold, oh so cold day,
As we held our frozen signs
And prayed every prayer we knew
A woman approached us
Almost breathless.

“I asked God this morning
To show me if I was supposed
To keep this baby.”

Are we hearing her right?

“I gotta tell you
That because of you
I’m having my baby.”
Her smile triggered ours.

“Thank you for being here today!”

No… we thank you!

No time now for all those questions.
Time is better spent standing outside of
Planned Parenthood.

We pray…. there
We hold our signs…. there
and there, we hope to be signs

For the next mother
who asks for one
A sign.

Signs of life.

” …nor shall you stand by idly when your neighbor’s
life is at stake.  I am the Lord.”  -Leviticus 19:16


Learn about 40 Days for Life, the national campaign to end abortion through prayer vigils, fasting and community outreach.

Join us by signing up for the Schenectady 40 Days for Life.

St. Paul Visits Pennsylvania

Amy Kanich, Director of the Family Life Office in Altoona/Johnstown diocese and her new friend
Amy Kanich, Director of the Family Life Office in Altoona/Johnstown diocese and her new friend

Last week, Maeve and I went to western Pennsylvania, where I performed three times.   What a blessed experience it was!

It all began with an invitation to come to the Altoona/Johnstown Diocese, by Amy Kanich, the Director of the Family Life office.  She asked me to perform for the annual Valentine’s Day Brunch for widows & widowers.  Maeve and I were so touched by the pastoral care that the Church offered these folks.  Kudos to Rick and Evie Wess, who with their dedicated team of volunteers put on an excellent event.

Marian was an attendee who wanted pose with St Paul
Marian was an attendee who wanted pose with St Paul

While planning the trip with Amy, I told her that I’d love to perform for schools and parishes.  She connected me with Mrs. Robin McMullen, principal of Holy Name Elementary School.  My time with the students went great.  They were attentive, and afterwards asked good questions that allowed me to shed further light on the life and legacy of the Great Apostle.

St. Paul visits a school in Pennsylvania
St. Paul gets “up close and personal” with the students

The last leg of the trip was a performance for the parish of St. Michael’s Church, in of all places, St. Michael’s, PA.   The Gallitzin Council of the Knights of Columbus sponsored the event, for which we are so grateful.  Over thirty people came out on a night that was bitter cold, and they deserved a round of applause!

Our host couple, Rick and Evie Wess, opened up their home and hearts to us.  They serve the Church in a number of capacities.  Their great passion is building up marriages through their leadership in the local Marriage Encounter movement. 

Evie and Rick were St. Paul's Priscilla and Aquila.
Evie and Rick were St. Paul’s “Priscilla and Aquila”

We thank all these folks who made these events possible, and most of all, we thank the Good Lord, who gave us the opportunity to present “A Visit with St. Paul” to children of all ages.

(Please see our page, ” A Visit with St. Paul,” to see the schedule of upcoming performances)