Family, St. Paul and Baseball!


I can’t imagine a better trio than these, can you?

This sums up this past weekend for us.  Glenn had a performance of “A Visit With St. Paul” in Astoria, Queens on Sunday (Oct. 18), so we decided to make a weekend of it.  We visited Glenn’s sister & brother-in-law, Barbara & Tom, on Friday night in Long Island, then headed to Brooklyn to hear a wonderful talk about God’s Love by Sr. Anne Shields, a Servant of God’s Love sister and member of Renewal Ministries.  This brought us back to Divine Mercy Parish, (with pastor Rev. Tom Vassilotti) where Glenn did “Visit” in Lent of 2014.

Among the many beautiful things that Sister Anne said, was her exhortation to pray for more faith.  She encouraged us to pray in gratitude every day for the faith we have… and to pray for more faith.  This latter part being so important since as she warned, our faith is going to be mightily tested in the years ahead.  Glenn and I have begun to take up this simple, yet significant practice.

After her talk, and since we were in the heart of Greenpoint, Brooklyn, we decided to visit Glenn’s grandparents’ old apartment on Lorimer St.  We recently returned from Ireland and England, where we visited our family and family graves (more in our next blog), so naturally, it made sense to visit important family places here at home.

On the way there, we passed the following window:

Let's Go Mets

It was fun to experience the excitement of a city rooting for its’ team!

As we walked down Lorimer St., Glenn became more excited, remembering his childhood visits from Long Island to see his paternal grandparents, Jim and Rose, in Greenpoint, where a toilet is a “turlet,” and large, hard-working families were the norm.  Jim and Rose would hardly recognize their old neighborhood now.  It has become “gentrified” and new fashionable bars and restaurants serve its young and prosperous residents.

Regardless, it was a fine opportunity to reminisce about family, whom we look forward to seeing in heaven one day.

Afterwards, we bought a sandwich for a man who was down on his luck – please pray for Darius – then ate at a diner where everyone was watching Game one of the National League Championship Series between the New York Mets and the Chicago Cubs.

The next day, we spent time with our dear friend, Fr. John Amann. Then we headed into Astoria, Queens for Glenn’s 101st performance of St. Paul – sorry, no dalmatians allowed!  Frank Miller of Our Lady of Mount Carmel contacted us several years ago and in God’s timing, “Visit” helped kick off Mount Carmel’s 175th Anniversary celebration.  It’s the oldest church in Queens, indeed on all of Long Island!

Neida Martinez did wonderful publicity for the performance and we were pleased to meet their pastor, Monsignor Sean Ogle, who stayed for the performance, laughing at Glenn’s quip (after reciting 1 Corinthians 13), “Feel free to use that in a wedding, if you know anyone getting married.”  After the performance, he told Glenn that he found the script and the dramatization both, “illuminating.”

Frank Miller, Neida Martinez, "St. Paul" and Mons. Ogle
Frank Miller, Neida Martinez, “St. Paul” and Mons. Ogle

Glenn added a new story to the last third of the performance, but we won’t spoil it for you here.  You can come see it in person… for upcoming performances, go here.

Our Lady of Mt. Carmel was a warm and welcoming parish.  We meet the most wonderful people in our travels; it’s just hard to say “goodbye” after.

We drove back to Brooklyn where we were staying, apprehensive that we might encounter a traffic snarl from Game two of the Mets series.  Fortunately, as the stadium lights illuminated the dark night for miles around, the game was only in the sixth inning.  So all Mets fans sat either securely in their stadium seats or were home in front of their TV’s, as we passed quickly by on the Grand Central Parkway.

-Maeve Smith

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