Why Ten Days Longer?


Are you different? Has your faith in Christ deepened? Is the Easter Season changing your life by bringing you into a new experience of joy?

Since the Season is fifty days – ten days longer than Lent – the Church emphasizes the importance of continuing the celebration.  For most people, Easter has long been in the “rearview mirror.”   So wrong and so sad!

When Jesus rose from the dead, a new dawn came into this world, and for those of us who believe, today is just as bright and meaningful as that first Easter morn.  How much joy should fill our hearts at the thought of the victory Jesus won for us!

Does the Church exaggerate the importance of the Resurrection and our need to truly celebrate it?


On June 4, Pentecost Sunday, we will hear once again at Mass, how the Apostles were so filled with the Holy Spirit’s joy, not to mention courage, that their proclamation of the Gospel brought 3000 new believers into the fold.   Some in the crowd that day thought the Apostles were drunk.  Of course they were…inebriated by the Spirit of God (Eph. 5:18) and the new wine that God had “saved for last.” (John 2:10)

The Apostles were jubilant in their witnessing to Jesus’ Resurrection.  Rising from the dead was the final ‘word’ of Jesus for them, and so it is for us.  Heaven is our final destination, yes, but  eternal life breaks into our day-to-day life in several ways.

From Sligo's Cathedral

Do we dare share our faith in the Risen Jesus with others?

What if we are rejected?

To the church at Laodicea, a community which Jesus rebuked for being ‘lukewarm,’ Jesus made this compelling invitation;

“Behold, I stand at the door and knock.”   -Rev. 3:20

If we open our  hearts to Jesus, we can expect change.  At the Last Supper, He promised;

“Whatever you ask the Father, He will give you in my name.  Ask, and you shall receive, that your joy may be full.”  – John 16:23-24

Could it be that simple?

In a word, “yes.”  But when we ask, we should ask with all the faith we can summon.  However big or small our faith, Jesus will answer.

When Maeve was a  LAMP Missionary, she asked the children in a youth group that she directed if they felt happy upon awakening each morning.  Surprisingly, many said, “no.”  She thus encouraged the children to thank God each morning for all His blessings and to praise Him for His goodness.

“Angels and saints sing praises to God constantly,” she told them, “And though none of us has halos or wings, it doesn’t stop us from joining the heavenly chorus!”

Brothers and sisters….the Lord invites us to celebrate all of life as if it were Easter.


PS  We hope you enjoy the hymn in the Youtube video at the top of this post.  It’s been a  wonderful theme for our continuing Easter celebration, and we sing it in our prayer time together.