Raising Up the Temples

Like most people, I was saddened to see Notre Dame Cathedral in flames, and equally relieved to learn that most of it had been salvaged.

But even if had burned to the ground, it would not have been as great a tragedy as takes place routinely throughout the world.  And I mean, wherever human life is taken violently, or demeaned, as so often happens in our “culture of death.”   One - just one abortion - is ultimately much sadder than if all the cathedrals in the world burned to the ground.

One day, Jesus was surveying the splendor of the Temple in Jerusalem, which must have been quite a sight in those days. He certainly “rattled some cages” when He said,

Destroy this temple and I will raise it again it again in three days.”   -John 2:19

He was, of course, referring to His own body and predicting His bodily Resurrection.  Most of his listeners thought he was losing his mind.  On the contrary, we know that He was in total control of His thought processes.

Equally, we know that this powerful season of Easter is meant to be celebrated and to be truly observed.   It should change everything!

But, just as with Christmas, the world ‘moves on’ after Easter, and gets distracted by whatever is ‘trending.’  Yet, the only thing that really should matter to us, is that Jesus did rise from the dead.  The “temple” was raised again in three days.

Whether or not it takes three months or three years to restore Notre Dame, ultimately makes little difference.

However, what you and I do with the knowledge that Jesus has conquered sin and death, makes all the difference.

St. Paul got it so right, as he did in most things;

If the Spirit of Him who raised Jesus from the dead, dwells in you, then He will raise your mortal bodies to life also, through His Spirit alive in you.”    -Romans 8:11

Is your “temple” going to be raised when you die?

“Unplanned” – A Must-see Movie


It depends on your worldview.  If you think that an unborn child is a human being whose life should be protected by law, then this film deserves your support.  If you’re not sure about a woman’s “right to choose,” then this movie could help you decide.  Either way, go see it, please!

Maeve in DC for the National Pro-Life march
Maeve in Washington, DC for the National Pro-Life March


If you’re convinced that the state has no interest in protecting the life of the unborn child, and if you’re certain that a woman has an absolute right to abortion on demand, then “Unplanned” may not be for you.  But, I would argue that it may be the very movie that you should see.  It could serve as a kind of  ‘test’ which challenges the validity of your current convictions.

My wife and I, and many of our pro-life friends, saw the film last week.  From recent box office reports, it’s apparent that many  more Americans are going to theaters to see it.  That is good news, for it may mean that “Unplanned” will remain in theaters for more than a week.  Even so, a ‘word to the wise;’  if you’re interested in seeing this important film,  you probably shouldn’t wait.

The movie is based on the non-fiction book of the same name.  It’s the story of Abby Johnson, who was a director of a Planned Parenthood clinic in Texas,  before a shocking experience changed her mind, and her life, forever.

Here’s the link to the trailer for “Unplanned:”




Welcome to anyone joining our blog for the first time!  I especially welcome those of you who were with us on March 30, a day which I trust renewed you in mind, heart and spirit. 

It was a joy to be at St. Henry’s Church.  My wife, Maeve, and I felt welcomed and embraced by the pastor, Father Tom Holmes, Deacon Bob, and the parishioners who attended.  I gave a talk, “St. Paul and the Holy Spirit,”  which was followed by the “St. John Paul” method of praying of the rosary and Mass for the 4th Sunday of Lent.

After a soup supper, I presented my one-man performance as St. Paul, in the church.  Many more people from the area joined us for the evening event.  Judging by the response of many people, the presentation moved hearts.

A woman from Vermont asked me for promotional literature so that she can present “Visit” to her pastor.  She plans on doing the same with a parish in Maine that she’s associated with.  Since I’ve performed in China and Eastern Europe on three separate missions, I certainly can travel to New England!


“If the Spirit of him who raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you, then he will raise your mortal bodies to life also, through this Spirit living in you.”             -Romans 8:11


Please click on the link, to learn more about ” A Visit With St. Paul.”