“What good does it do to stand outside
Planned Parenthood?”

“Why don’t you…
…pray in church?
…mind your own business?
…get a job?
…get a life? ”

These are questions we’re asked.

Let me tell you a story…

On a cold, oh so cold day,
As we held our frozen signs
And prayed every prayer we knew
A woman approached us
Almost breathless.

“I asked God this morning
To show me if I was supposed
To keep this baby.”

Are we hearing her right?

“I gotta tell you
That because of you
I’m having my baby.”
Her smile triggered ours.

“Thank you for being here today!”

No… we thank you!

No time now for all those questions.
Time is better spent standing outside of
Planned Parenthood.

We pray…. there
We hold our signs…. there
and there, we hope to be signs

For the next mother
who asks for one
A sign.

Signs of life.

” …nor shall you stand by idly when your neighbor’s
life is at stake.  I am the Lord.”  -Leviticus 19:16


Learn about 40 Days for Life, the national campaign to end abortion through prayer vigils, fasting and community outreach.

Join us by signing up for the Schenectady 40 Days for Life.

7 thoughts on “SIGNS OF LIFE”

  1. A powerful little poem. God
    says something different and beautiful,
    when such bold witness is given!

  2. A great witness. Maybe poems that celebrate new life
    can be helpers on the long road to Spring. Like signals
    to help when we (us cold ones in Buffalo, anyway)
    feel that witness given Pro-life is merely a tiny
    drop in the bucket and hardly worth it. God says
    something other.

  3. Thanks, Maeve and Glenn, for your witness and your love for the mothers and the children!

  4. For a little less than a year, whenever I drove by our PP office I would pray, “Hail Mary full of grace put this business out of space.” We no longer have a PP office! Praise God!

    God bless you Glenn and Maeve for your wonderful work!

    1. What a great prayer to pray! Thank you, God, for answering it!! God bless you too, Lisa. And thank you for your beautiful wedding gift that hangs on our wall (of our Psalm 45 response & John 15 reading)

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