Trying to Be With God

How is your Lent going so far?

I’m just trying to be with God more during these forty days.

Our friend, Bob, gave us a copy of a thirty day guide with St. Teresa of Avila, called “Let Nothing Disturb You.”   Each reflection has a thought for the day.   These range from “Do not be anxious about what you are to eat or put on, but leave it to God,” to “You  (God) take delight in my soul,” to Prayer is the doorway through which God’s greatest gifts enter my soul.   Then, there’s a reflection in the evening to pray with.   I feel peace as I pray:  “Let nothing, O Lord, disturb the silence of this night.”

 Do we allow God to envelop us in His peace?

Another element of my Lent has included singing praise songs with Glenn.  Sometimes I play the guitar and other times, we open our hymnals and pick out songs.  In doing this, we praise God, give thanks to Him for our blessings, and just be with Him.

One song we like is a Taize hymn that I learned in Bolivia, when I was a Salesian Lay Missionary.  The words are again a prayer by St. Teresa of Avila:  “Let nothing trouble you, let nothing scare you, only God is enough.  Let nothing trouble you, let nothing scare you, he or she who loves God needs nothing.”

 You can pray with this Youtube clip of “Nada te turbe” :

One more element of Lent has been supporting my husband, Glenn, in his St. Paul performances.  I joke that I’m “Mrs. St. Paul.”   I know that my role in helping Glenn is important.  I also visit with audience members, pray with people, and help with practical details.  Glenn is a people person but a feminine touch is always nice.  In the process, I’m nourished and challenged to let God in more.  We continue to give thanks to God for the gift of this ministry!

Lastly, in my substitute teaching, I was a pre-K teacher recently and had a blast!  For a good portion of the half-day, the teacher lets the children move freely among stations, such as: painting, puppet shows, and more.

I  sat with a girl who was too shy to speak in the group, but could sing the alphabet song with me, one-on-one.   Another boy became frustrated when he couldn’t remember the letters in his name.  “It’s okay,” I reassured him, “we all had to learn this at one point.  You’ll get it.”

Another four year-old gave me a necklace she made with her friends in a “girls’ club.”  She invited me to visit them, calling me “girlfriend” with a jaunty flip of her head.

Do we remember to stop and play?

Do we remember that we’re children and God is our beloved parent, who just wants us to be with Him each day?  Playing, singing, and resting securely in His love.

I pray that the rest of your Lent is peaceful, joyful…..and fun.  That you can simplify and be with God each day.  And that you are enveloped in His abiding peace…..always!

8 thoughts on “Trying to Be With God”

  1. Maeve…great to see you and St. Paul yesterday. Glenn brings him alive. Yes, I too will read this blog again. Good reminders for this beautiful season of fasting and praying in consolation of our Precious Lord.

  2. Dearest Maeve,
    Only today, 3/26, did I get to read this. So so glad I did. I can hear your voice and see your smile. I can feel the peace you brought to me last Nov. and Dec. when 6 Bible plays were driving me crazy! Thanks for this kind of encouragement to spend Lent truly making peace. I’ll read it more than once.

  3. Nada Te Turbe – beautiful hymn, Maeve!
    Thank you for bringing “A visit with St. Paul” to St. Augustine’s, in Troy!

  4. Dear Maeve,
    What a sweet post, I love the way you support your Glenn’s ministry as St. Paul. Yes! a woman’s touch is so important!
    I, too, am trying to “be” with God more during Lent.
    What a wonderful reminder that this is the true Joy we are all looking for!
    May you continue finding more and more this Joy we are made for!

  5. I also like to “add” things into my routine versus just “give up things.” We have a 40-day Lenten challenge in our church, with suggestions for each day (i.e., visit an elderly person, buy someone a meal, refrain from negative speaking, etc.) and it’s been great to try to follow those suggestions. Also ordered a Lenten meditiation book by Richard Rohr which I read in the mornings. We have extra services each week at church on Wednesday evenings with a bent towards reflection/repentenance which has also been fulfilling.

  6. Hi Maeve,
    Thank you. Your posting was encouraging! Also, I just listened to the Nada Te Turbe. I wish I could just remember it to sing it all day. Please give my love to your dear “St. Paul”! Mary

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