Marching Joyfully For Jesus

Photo by Paul Grover
Photo by Paul

You can rub your eyes if you want.

The image will remain.  One car rests upside-down on another and the message is clear.  Our lives can be upside-down, but Jesus fixes them!

“Those who are healthy do not need a physician, but the sick do.” -Luke 5:31               ( and us “upside-down folks” need Him)

The church that sponsors this unusual vehicle (it is registered and motors around town), was one of many that helped coordinate the annual, July “Schenectady March for Jesus.”   Our friend, Paul, joined us for what was our third year.  He clearly loved marching and received many graces.

Maeve and I always look forward to joining our brothers and sisters in praising the name of Jesus.  We sing boldly, as we walk miles through the city streets!

The umbrellas shade some of us from the hot sun
The umbrellas shade some of us from the hot sun

Christians from around the city, and beyond,  joined in the enthusiastic two-hour, prayer-and-praise-filled procession.  It wound its way through neighborhoods as well as commercial areas.  Residents and shop-owners alike had various reactions, as you can imagine.  Like…  “Who are these people and why are they so happy?” 

The diversity of the Body of Christ is evident, with people of many races and denominations “letting their light shine.” (Luke 8:16);

JOY in the Lord is contagious
JOY in the Lord is contagious!

“Rejoice in the Lord, O you righteous. Praise befits the upright.”     -Psalm 33:1

As the March progressed under a hot summer sun, there were several stops along the way.  Marchers listened as local ministers preached on different aspects of the Gospel.  Every message was solidly based in Scripture and exhorted, challenged, and consoled the faithful, just as God desires for His Word.  (see Isaiah 55:11)

Our fearless leader in praise - God bless Chris!
Our fearless leader in praise – God bless Chris!

As you can see, Chris, the March leader is sometimes mobile. For the most part, however, he walks ahead of us, using his God-given gifts to praise the name of the Lord and help lift our spirits to the heights.

The musicians who led us in praise
The musicians who led us in praise – Psalm 149

A talented ensemble of music ministers were carted around in what looked like a remnant from an old circus train.  They worked incredibly hard and never seemed to tire.  King David would have loved these people… and probably would have joined them!

The “March for Jesus” is something you can read about here, but you’ll never know how wonderful it is, unless you take the time to join us.  So, we will re-post this blog next June, and anyone who wants to share our joy can plan on coming.

This sign says it all
This sign says it all

Never mind “Need Milk?”!

How about “Need Hope?”!!!

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  1. In a world filled with news filled with hate, separation and spite( the bad news). The truth resonates love,unity and new life ( the good news). So good to hear you share on how many gifted people want to share there gifts in this way!

  2. Was blessed to be a part of this march for the first time. Our church from the Bronx also participated.
    The March continues.

    1. So good to hear from a fellow marcher! And all the way from the Bronx. Thanks for taking the time to write and I hope to see you next year at the March.

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