St. Paul Visited Schenectady

Yes, you read it here first. 

Or not.

On Sunday, March 5, I performed as the Great Apostle at the lovely church of St. John the Evangelist

Rejoicing in the Lord (Phil.4:4) at Christ the King, Westmere
Rejoicing in the Lord (Phil.4:4) at Christ the King, Westmere







This is the third time that I’d been invited to present at St. John’s.  Over 150 people came out on a Sunday afternoon. Many thanks to Dianne Galarneau, the staff person who invited me each time.  My wife, Maeve, and I are very grateful to her!

I’ve been acting the part of St. Paul – using my original script – for over eight years now, and have done it in seven states and on two mission trips to China.  The season of Lent typically affords me more opportunities, and this year is no different; on March 7th,  I performed for teachers and 78 students (grades 4-8) of St. Mary’s Institute in Amsterdam.   Here are some of the reactions of students;

“It was very realistic!”

Entertaining, funny and very interesting!”

I felt I was with St. Paul.”

Creative and smart!”



On Sunday, April 2, at 1:30, I will be at St. John the Baptist Church, in Valatie.   This promises to be an ecumenical event, as the parish has made great effort to invite Christians from other faith traditions.  St. Paul would surely have welcomed this kind of broad outreach!

I’ve been invited back to Stratford, Conn., April 7 & 8, for two performances in a row.  Our Lady of Peace, and their pastor, Fr. Nick Pavia have asked me to do a “double-header!” A soup supper will precede each performance.  Times – TBA.

The Great Apostle featured with the instrument of his death
The Great Apostle featured with the instrument of his death









….And now for something completely different;

I will be teaching a class, “St. Paul and the Holy Spirit; The Fire of God’s Love” at the upcoming Spring Enrichment for the Diocese of Albany, at St. Rose of Lima College.  If you read “The Evangelist,” you will find this offering on the schedule for May 19, in the upcoming edition(March 3).  Last May, at the same event, I had the privilege of presenting on the subject; “St. Paul and the Spiritual Works of Mercy.”

If you go the above link(in green), you can read the article which I wrote for the Jubilee Year of Mercy.  It appeared in Albany’s diocesan newspaper, in February 2016.  The class, which was inspired by the writing of the article, combined the traditional lecture format with actual performance.  Thank God, it was well received by the attendees.  This year I will offer a different angle on the Apostle’s life and teaching, with the fire of God’s Love highlighted.  Again, I will incorporate both elements, teaching and performance, for what I hope will be an inspiring and educational experience.

If you’re a staff person in a church or school, of if you’re someone who would like  me to perform in your parish,” then I encourage you to contact me at

I have room on my calendar, much motivation and plenty of energy.

St. Paul, referring to Jesus, wrote to the Colossians;

  “It is he whom we proclaim… teaching everyone with all wisdom, that we may present everyone as perfect in Christ.  For this I labor and struggle, in accord with the exercise of his mighty power present in me.”    -Colossians 1:28-29

In Pennsylvania at the Valentine's Day Senior Luncheon
In Pennsylvania, at the Valentine’s Day Senior Luncheon







Time to pray….

I thank You, Lord for every opportunity that You have given me to present the life and legacy of St. Paul, however inadequate I may be. 

O Holy Spirit, who uses me to dramatize the Word of God, may Jesus Christ be glorified!  Help me to continue this ministry as You “open doors that no one can close.”  –Revelation 3:7

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  1. I almost posted my comment after your article on the Evangelist website by accident! Keep up the great work, good bro’! Mom said that your performance at St. John the Evangelist was very dramatic. Hope to see another one when I’m home ; )

  2. Hi Glen, remember me? Flashbacks to another time… how God used you then and how he is using you now, continually opening new doors for you! I stand back in awe and praise to our GOD for you. Btw, baby Sebastian whom you babysat back in Ann Arbor is turning 12 in a couple of weeks.
    Best regards to your lovely wife Maeve whom I had the pleasure to meet a few years back at a Renewal Ministries Gathering. God bless you and your ministries, with love,

  3. Thank you Glenn for your wonderful performances ! You may need to grow the hair and beard out to match Paul picture!

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